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US Tax Form

American Tax Preparation in Canada

Because Sandyke & Company is a registered tax return preparer “RTRP” with the U.S. Internal Revenue Services “IRS,” we can prepare U.S. taxes in-house. If you are an American citizen who currently resides in Canada, count on us to meet your American tax obligations. Likewise, if you’re a Canadian citizen doing business across the border, we can prepare your American income tax and other applicable filings for the IRS and the U.S. treasury. We can prepare forms for your American tax obligations if you’ve taken a successful gambling trip to the U.S.

Knowledgeable of U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty

Our tax preparers are knowledgeable of the implications of the U.S.-Canada U.S. Income Tax Treaty and are committed to continuing professional development on this and other accounting-related topics. We’re pleased to provide the following American tax services:

  • Tax claims for Canadians gambling in the U.S.
  • Dispositions of American real property
  • Advice on tax reporting and tax implication of U.S. casino winnings or losses
  • American investments
  • US gift tax
  • American investments
  • American-owned businesses
  • Implications of the United States-Canada US Income Tax Treaty
  • U.S. estate tax
  • State residency rules
  • U.S. state and local taxation

Call Sandyke & Company today to discuss your U.S. tax needs.

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